How can I plan?

Free accommodation with Eurorest Voucher

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Plan your holiday
It is entirely up to you, when, with whom, to which hotel you will travel. You are aslo the one to determine, how long you will stay at a given place. The maximum quantity of free of charge accomodations to benefit, at a hotel is determined at the hotel check sheet.
Validity period
The validity period of the hotel check is publicated at the first page of your check. If you do not plan a holiday now, you can take advantage of your free of charge accomodation at any given time within the validity period of the check.
Choose when you want to rest
Schedule the time period you intend to go on holidays and check out the sites where you can use your free accomodation ticket. For this purpose, you can use the search engine of the hotels catalogue.

You should be aware of the fact that not all hotels, offer of which is publicated at the hotels catalogue accept campaign guests, all year around. Part of hotels have appointed the time periods during the year, where they accept Eurorest check holders.

Choose your location and hotel
When choosing a hotel please check its standard and the attractions waiting for you in the town and area where the hotel is located.

Hotels and guesthouses presented in the Hotel Catalogue are selected to ensure that Campaign Participants will be able to choose an appropriate location, depending on the season during which they are travelling.

How to book
If you have already received your hotel check and you have chosen a hotel, to which you wish to realise it, call and make a reservation, stating your wish to arrive using a Eurorest hotel check. Telefon numbers, as well as other necessary contact information with the chosen hotel, are located at the hotel description at the hotels catalogue.

Eurorest does not mediate at reservations. According to Eurorest Regulations campaign users are obliged to autonomously make reservation at places they plan to rest.

Do you plan to stay abroad?
At every hotel description that accepts Eurorest hotel checks, you can find information about the language that you can communicate with the hotel staff. If you plan a journey abroad, the ability to communicate to a known to you language, is an importnat criterion.
Any questions?
If you have more questions regarding holidays with the use of the hotel cheque, you can ask Eurorest Consultants. You will find a contact form in the tab Contact
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