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Hotel voucher Eurorest
  1. The Euroresthotel cheque is a registered document which entitles maximum two persons to use the free of charge accommodation or discounted accommodation and meals in the Facilities included in the Catalogue of Hotels.
  2. The maximum number of free of charge accommodation or discounted accommodation and meals to be used with the Eurorest hotel cheque, is listed in the field “Number of nights” on the cheque form.
  3. The Eurorest hotel cheques can be combined, thus the accommodation period will be extended.
  4. The Eurorest hotel cheque is valid from its issue date, to the date printed on the cheque in the field “Expiry date”, which cannot be extended. The accommodation period in any Facility should be completed on or before the hotel cheque expiry date.
  5. The owner of the Eurorest hotel cheque, hereinafter referred to as Consumer, may use the cheque only once and in one, chosen Facility. The Facility is obliged to retain the hotel cheque upon the Consumer’s arrival.
  6. The Eurorest hotel cheque is affixed with a metallic security sign and includes the following computer-printed fields: Cheque number, Expiry date, Number of nights. The fields: First Name, Surname and Address of Residence shall be completed by the Consumer in block capitals, using a ballpoint pen. The Consumer shall put their signature in the field “Signature of Cheque Holder”.
  7. The Eurorest hotel cheque shall be deemed invalid upon its expiry date, if it has been damaged to the extent that one might question its authenticity, or completed by the Consumer against the rules stipulated in item 6, or should the Consumer fail to put their signature in the field: “Signature of Cheque Holder”.
  8. No hotel cheque duplicates are issued, if the Consumer has lost or damaged their Eurorest cheque. The Consumer shall not receive the money or any other refund, for a hotel cheque that has not been utilized.
Catalogue of Hotels
  1. Catalogue of Hotels containing a list of all Facilities required to receive the Consumer, may be found at, and contains the following information on each Facility:
    1. Periods in which the Facility shall accept the Consumer;
    2. Daily number and type of meals provided by the Facility to the Consumer;
    3. The binding rates for the Consumer arriving to the Facility:
      1. For Facilities offering free of charge accommodation, these are mandatory catering fees , which make up the daily rates per one adult person, inclusive of meals and standard hotel services, as declared by the Facility;
      2. For Facilities offering discounted accommodation with meals, these are discounted daily rates, which make up the rates per one adult person, inclusive of meals and standard hotel service, as declared by the Facility.
Rights and obligations of the Facilities
  1. Facilities shall accept the Consumers, as per the Terms and Conditions herein.
  2. Facilities shall provide the Consumers the minimum 2 meals per day during the entire period of stay.
  3. In case of absence of vacancies at the time requested by the Consumer or in the period of accepting the participants designated by the Facility, the Facility reserves the right to refuse reservation.
  4. Facilities may decline to provide services to the Consumer, or terminate the services provision forthwith, shall the participant fail to comply with the rules specified in the Terms and Conditions herein, or infringe the rules of the facility.
Rights and obligations of the Consumer
  1. Prior to the arrival to the Facility, the Consumer is obliged to a direct and individual contact with the particular Facility in order to make a reservation, and confirm the rates for the participant, binding in the Facility.
  2. The Consumer is obliged to specify the time and the length of their stay in the Facility, of which they shall inform the Facility staff during the reservation process.
  3. The condition, of the Consumer being provided the services by the Facility, is the Consumer covering the fees based on the rates applicable at the time of the stay. The charges must be paid in advance, in the amount equal to the number of nights, for each adult individual. The rates are listed in the Facility’s offer in the Catalogue of Hotels.
  4. The Consumer is obliged to make their own round trip travel arrangements.
  5. When taking advantage of additional paid services offered by the Facility, such as: sports facilities, phone, additional beds, parking and etc., the Consumer is obliged to cover those services as per the rates and within the periods specified in the Facility rules, or as agreed individually.